Figure 1.4: Me

Figure 1.4: Me

About ME

My name is Christian Rincon and I'm a designer who loves making stuff — whether its on screen or off.

The sort of things I draw inspiration from are architecture, street art, environmental design, and film. My designs begin like the foundation and frame of a building. My artboards are my tagged, city walls. I imagine walking around in my designs as if that’s what they were intended for. My designs all have a story behind them.

I divide my time between Atlanta and Nashville, working for the incredible non-profit organization Points of Light but I have a healthy amount of side projects going at any time.

I try to keep this site updated so you can see some of my recent work as well as some featured work I’m extra proud of. While I do work with for-profit clients, I donate my time to several non-profit organizations I believe in like Soccer in the Streets, Friends of Refugees, and several others.

Thanks for stopping by.